About Us

About Panhandle Overland Rally

The Panhandle Overland Rally is an overland event aimed to bring the best things about overlanding all to one central location. Our goal is to build the overland community and provide a place where people of all experience levels can meet, share ideas, learn from each other, experience the culture of North Idaho, see what products the industry has to offer and, most importantly, have fun and relax! We are committed to offering a unique overland event experience that you will look forward to attending every year.

Why Idaho?

Idaho is an overland paradise. With 3,100 miles of rivers, more than 2,000 lakes, an extensive dirt road network to explore including the Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route, abundant wildlife to see, camping opportunities among the world’s largest biome, the boreal forest, and home to one of the planet’s greatest geological events, the glacial lake Missoula floods, Idaho is a worthy overland destination!

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