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Taisa and Ernesto are outdoor enthusiasts, and mountain lovers. Being remote, off-the beaten paths are their thing. They have explored all 23 contiguous countries of the Americas in their Toyota 4Runner and rooftop tent over the course of four years.  They are currently preparing for their next international overland trip in their new Toyota Land Cruiser Troopcarrier!

Experienced international overland travelers provide a series of practical international travel clinics designed for the 2022 Panhandle Overland Rally. You will learn how to plan and navigate an international overland trip of your own.

What To Expect


Border crossings and bribes

Top 4x4 routes in South & Central America

Planning an extended international overland trip

Meet Your Speakers

Hi there! We are Taisa and Ernesto of Overland the Americas. On July 18 of 2015, we quit our desk jobs and started driving our Toyota 4Runner, Sooty, from Seattle, Washington to the tip of South America and back. We drove across all 23 contiguous countries in the Americas while living out of our car for 4 years. We’re now back home in the United States plotting our new adventures!

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